Writing& Music One in the Shame

90% of the time when I write I will have either my headphones on or my stereo on or he’ll both! I for whatever reason can’t seem to seperate the 2. And in the business aspect of it I think they are the same too.

Think about it, when an aspiring rap artist wants a deal he/she creates a buzz around them in their hood toget a fan base started. They use all of the social networks available to get a bigger audience. Now in recent years music producers have hunted down potential artists to put on. Still a lot of times artists approach label companies to get them signed. Labels want to know you got the ‘it’ factor and marketing savvy before giving them a contract and advance.

Same with writers. Publishing houses will not touch you if they know you don’t have a decent following. So you have to put in some time- have a blog or website, a YouTube account, some works you’ve originally written, etc before thinking about getting a contract.

Both music artist and writer have to compete with thousands of others that are hungry. It’s time consuming situation but once that deal is presented it’s worth it.

Peace and luv!


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