Where Is The Love?

Over a week ago I was speaking with my ex and we got into a discussion about how the Fort really is not a supportive city. I love my town (eastside in the place to be!). However, real shit, I’m not feelin’ the love from the Fort. I post shit on Twitter and on my Facebook page and the funniest thing about my comments is when I say raunchy, mean azz shit I get attention like you would not believe! But whenever I post stuff such as my ezine, stories, etc I get very, very little attention if any. And I be trippin’ cause I know I am not the best writer but I do feel like I’m decent. I want constructive criticism or hi-fives thru the computer! Something that will show me that the Fort has my back.

You know I think the problem is, is that a lot of people have mentally been trained to think hatin’ and making the screwface is the norm. Stop being Simpletons! (I swear I’m gone get people to start saying that word!) It doesn’t hurt to give a person they respect they deserve. Especially writers. It may not be the expected rap artist or athlete that make it in the hood but I’m an artist too.

I feel like they pick and choose who they want to shine. I don’t wanna turn my back on the Fort but if I have to it is what it is. Until then I will keep writing.

Peace and luv


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