As a Journalist How Far Would You Go?

With all of what is going on in Egypt this would be a perfect time to ask how far would you go to get that great story? I got two words for you- Anderson Cooper. That blue eyed journalist told everybody that he did not feel safe and that he was scared. What happened to him? He got his azz whooped! Yes he did. I would luv to ask him if it was worth it. I know that journalists understand shit like this can happen in this line of a being a journalists but really, do they really think that will happen? I feel sorry for the newbies because those are the ones that gets the road trip. I know they be saying ‘ain’t that about a bitch!’

And what about that ABC correspondent who was in a convoy when it got blown up? One of my reasons for not being a journalist is because I don’t want to write about bullshit. Now I’ve upgraded that and say I will not do it because I’m jeopardizing my life and no story is worth that real shit.

Peace and luv!


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