Keepin’ It Real!

Speaking of ghostwriters again, I did jump on the internet and Googled ‘ghostwriters’ and came up on a blog speaking on ghostwriters in hip hop. Interesting topic. It is such a heated taboo topic. And I get it.

I swear in small print somewhere on that big contract it states that the artist must have that gangsta mentality and if he/she doesn’t a ghostwriter who can deliver it will be provided to the artist. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass if an artist has a ghostwriter or not. They are busy so why not? If r&b singers have no problem admitting that so and so wrote the song why can’t rap artists? It’s that ‘keepin’ it real’ mentality. God forbid the fans find out that they used a ghostwriter. It’s like their street cred card will be stripped. With the state of hip hop i would admit to having a ghostwriter because the music is garbage!

Apparently tho, it is becoming a problem because artists are not wanting to pay the ghostwriters for their services. I guess they figure that if they don’t pay there never really was a ghostwriter, out of sight out of mind. I think that is pretty grimy. If I am going to write your shit you better come with some Donald Trump, Oprah money before I go on YouTube with the evidence that I wrote your shit!

My point is hip hop artists stop being simpletons and get your thong outta your skinny jean wearing ass and admit to having a ghostwriter and pay. They gotta eat too! What if your label chose not to pay you? Yeah, thought so.

Peace and luv!


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