Who Really Writes Those Celebrity Books?

I’m a writer. (Duh damn bitch how many times you gonna say that?) You know what it’s my blog so deal with it! But the reason why I say that is because as I float thru the internet looking for writing jobs I can’t help but notice there are a lot of openings for ghostwriters with not a lot of detail behind the posting. Now I know I’m not the only one who have sat and thought ‘why so damn secretive? This is not the CIA!

But then I came to a conclusion, with all of the celebrities coming out maybe this is the reason for the influx of ghostwriters needed for a ‘special’ project. Makes $en$e right? Cause let me tell you the way these celebrities party and go to all of these red carpet events and shit when do they have the time to write? Hence ghostwriters. I would luv for someone to explain to me the real deal about this and get and back at me pleaz and thank you.

Peace and luv!


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