I went to bed with a serious case of writers block and woke up with it too and it’s starting to make me feel some of way. So why did you title this post perfectionist for Talia? Because I feel in my case that writers block and perfectionist are one in the same.

Every once in awhile I will get in this funky mood and will sit in front of some paper (cause I refuse to type my drafts out on a computer O’m ol skool) for what seems like an eternity. Usually I can read a book and boom five minutes later I’m back at it. But last night and today? It ain’t happening.

My thing is I have the scene played out in my head bur when I put it to paper it’s not poppin’. I end up scrapping it. I just think that I have to have it perfect or not at all instead of writing a draft and working thru what I came out with. Right now I’m editing my psychological thriller I did over a year ago, I’m tempted to start over cause I’ve learned some ish along the way on what makes a thriller good. I don’t know. I refuse to put out garbage and that is what it is right now. Shit I don’t know, we’ll see. But until next time…..

Peace and luv!


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