Ignorant, Ignorant Shit @ culturelovefamily.com!

I was already in a mood for other reasons not having to do with V Day but this whack ass article put me on a totally different level of anger. The article Snow WhiteMs Seduction by Charisse N. Montgomery is about a subject I’m tired of speaking on which is why black men date white women and why black women can’t stand it. Now there are simpletons that get upset and start rolling their eyes and sucking their teeth at the situation however not all. As a matter of fact a small percentage thinks that way; it’s just that percent ends up ‘representing’ all black women.

If you have friends that think this way then what does that say about you?! Real women do not sit around chopping it up about how white women steals all the good black men, or white women are easy, etc. In every race there are ignorant, easy, mouthy women. A single race does not own these stereotypes nor does a skin color provoke a person to act a certain way!

The main reason black women despises black men and white women is because the degrading and disrespect that goes along with the decision to just date a white women, not all tho. A few bad apples make black women feel worthless, nasty, and low. That is not called for. If you wanna date white women, do you but don”t put that burden on black women on a collective scale. You feel me? It feels like those words are slapping us in the face along with the faces of those who have fought for us to be on the same level as whites.

It embarrasses me when black women ccepts the hogwash excuse that was in this blog. If you honestly believe that you deserve to be single. Don’t put all black women behind such disgraceful thinking, that’s all I’m saying! You need a reality check. If we were so focused on black men/white women we wouldn’t be stepping out, duh! Don’t try to get us to co-sign with your foolery!


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