YFSMagazine, You’re The Best!

I roll over onto my side, the light reflecting thru my curtains showered my eyes insisting that I wake my lovely ass up because I have ish to do. I reach down on the floor to reach for, not my HD glasses, but my phone to check for new details in the writing world. Low and behold I come across some article on YFSMagazine site. The jist of it was about ways to find financial support for your projects, not your business (movie idea, art, music, book, etc).

The 3 they posted on the site were: Profounder.com, Kickstarter.com, and Rockethub.com. Common sense told me to check them out, I’m up for anything considering I need funds in order to get my sophmore project in print on top of an e-format (I know if I go to a bank &; ask for a business loan they will laugh my azz all the way out the door!). I did a lil window shopping and they are basically the same. All allow you to set up accounts on the site. You come with a detailed plan about what your specific project and your goals for it (the more detailed the better). They offer ideas on how to get your project more exposure. Once you set that up you set a timeframe and amount needed to get that project rolling. Here’s the thing, once you start the campaign you can’t take back the amount or timeframe decided.

There are differences, one being at Profounder.com and Kiva.org you have to pay the money back. With Kickstarter.com and Rockethub.com you do not. I would recommend the ones you don’t have to pay back however it’s your decision so do you. But make sure you understand the terms and conditions with the program you choose.

Another thing is that say for instance you created a documentary, you set the price for $25,000 and 60 days to get it. If by that last day you don’t reach it the money goes back to the funders. That sounds cruel but it really is a good thing for both parties. Because if you only end up with $10,000 what can you accomplish with your project? The $ is wasted on frivilous ish preventing it not to get launched and you will burn some bridges which will hurt your chances of future support from funders.

This idea is genius and I thank YFS for bringing it to my attention!

Peace and luv!


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