Can You Steal Someone’s Articles?

I saw this question on a writers resource website. I guess you can say I stole it. (Get it? Well anywho…) I didn’t read the article so technically I didn’t steal it I guess. It did get me to thinking tho. Can you really steal an article? First off if you do that’s called plagiarism and there are way too many programs that can catch that. Secondly I feel that journalists, bloggers, etc has to stay in the know of what’s going on in entertainment, news, basically what’s poppin’. So it’s like a competition to be the first to break the news. My point about this is, during the duration of a day thousands of articles will be published and they are all going to be about the same topic just with a different spin. Is that stealing?

Another lil point to this is once a pic or a paragraph is put on the internet unless a copyright symbol is on the pic isn’t that a free for all? Obviously a moral person wouldn’t sit at a computer copying what they can. Although I will admit to stealing pics but don’t tell anyone ok?

Peace and luv!


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