Martha Stewart’s Brand Not Doing So Well

Apparently Ms. Martha Stewart is not doing so good financially. If you look at the numbers he’ll I wouldn’t complain however with her being in the business for eons I guess one gets used to a certain amount of cashflow to come in and well it’s not happening for Martha, Martha, Martha!

Her quarterly earnings for 2009 were about 4x more than what it was 2010. The publishing and broadcasting profits were down as well. It still was in the millions tho. Again I would not complain, not a nam lick of a bit.

And I neber saw that Lifetime movie of (mainly because I despise that soft, mushy ass channel! Yes I’m going to therapy for that!) Her but I heard she was/is a grumpy old bitch. Can you imagine sweet ol’ Ms. Martha after scaning the numbers? Talk about the exorcist all over again. How much you wanna bet she ran it in prison. $20! I know a lot of her employees will be camping out in the unemployment office. She can hire me, he’ll I’ll work for a small fee.

Peace and luv!


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