Michael Vick Backing Out On Oprah?

With this being O’s last season you know she pulling out all the stops right? So what came as a shock to me is when I heard that Michael Vick was to go on but the producers of the show has been hammered with all kinds of activists wanting to attend the show as well.

Why the he’ll can’t people leave this sexy man alone? I’m about to say something that will upset PETA and everyone else calling me but oh well. They are dogs! Dogs damnit! Stupid ass dogs. I know some of you lil white people are foaming at the mouth since you treat them like precious china doll children. Animals people!

And let me remind you that he served his time, why are we still talking about this? If he was white would he get this kind of scrutiny still? Hello the quarterback for the Steelers raped an underage girl, he got no jail time. This proves that black and white athletes will not be on the same page ever.

The media glorifies black athletes to the nth degree and when they do something wrong they are crucified before the post button on their website is touched. Artists get it too. Look at Chris Brown is still getting heat for what he did to Rhianna (I’m not condoning abuse on any level). However Charlie Sheen buys prostitutes and has no problem threatening and hitting women but gets to hop back on his 2.8 mil a damn show like shit didn’t happen. Makes me wanna bleach my skin and slap a hooker! Seriously.

Even being black history month some ignorant whites can’t respect us enuf to shut up for 28 days, uh? Bill O’Reilly never seems to amaze me. He joked, yes joked about lynching the First Lady! President Obama needs to throw his power around and shut his racist ass up. When will someone end that mans life? Do I got to do it? I got cramps I can easily put him to seep.

Anyway I think if anybody can show M. Vick in a respectable light, it would be Oprah, I’m just sayin.

Peace and luv!


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