The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

I’m watching this new version of Criminal Minds and on one part it shows a newscaster broadcasting info that was found out thru a blogger. I know that doesn’t just happen on tv.

Social media is a double edge sword if you ask me. Tru it has in a catastrophic way brought this infinite world closer together. We can reach a whole hell of a lot more people to befriend, do business with, date. Look at the situation that happened in Egypt. Facebook, Twitter had become the gateway to the world. The government had shut access to them but not before the rest of the world saw the photos and wrote the words that bled from readers’ ipads, iphones, etc. Talk about a SM revolution on a high ass scale. You know the result the President that had been ruling for 39 years stepped down cause of that powerful movement.

But what happens if these social networks become the enemy? How can that be, you ask. I luv technology don’t get it twisted, the connects and opportunities to put myself on is endless. On the other hand this thing is causing lazy azz behaviors. I mean at the end of the day crazy azz people will do whatever but FB, Twitter, etc gives them the platform to act more of a fool.

For example, all cops are not decent. (Gasp! Oh no, not the po-po!) Look at when Rhianna got her ass beat. A dirty cop who was desperate to receive their 15 minutes of fame and deepen their pockets leaked the pic of her with a broken down face.

TMZ will leak any info they come across with no regard to possible police investigations in progress – long as they get a story.

Damn near every person has cell phones that has cameras embedded in them. Lately on news shows air pilots have lost their jobs because of homemade videos being posted on YouTube showing how pilots are really doing or not doing.

Cheating cannot even be done right anymore. No matter how many celebrity men/woman get caught cheating people are still sexting and sending pics like they invincible. Coo-coo for cocoa puffs!

Another thing with police and the social media revolution is say they are working on a murder case. Police don’t give all of the information to the public simply because they don’t want a copy cat to get any ideas as well as they want to stay two steps ahead of the murderer. But if certain things are leaked to newstations, Facebook, blogs etc that can mess up the case. I don’t think people realize the damage that one act can do. Society have become a little too dependant on social media and it makes me wonder where do society draw the line?

Peace and luv!


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