making The Reader Relate And Feel Connected

There is something wrong if I do not feel the main character in the book I’m reading. Everyone should feel that way. Regardless if the main character is a rapist, a chipper person or a man for that matter I need to experience that character’s mentality. It’s not good if I can’t. It’s like having sex with someone and he gets his but you don’t get yours. You walk away not a happy bish.

It takes skill and practice to achieve that as a writer. I am in no way close to where I wanna be but I know I’ve accomplished a lot within this short time since taking my writing seriously. I devour as much as I can and study it cause I wanna be great not lukewarm.

It’s great for your reader to feel connected and a good way to achieve that is to spend time with your characters or story. Marinate in it like spaghetti sauce. It sounds crazy but it helps trust me. Not knowing your characters will show through the story.

Know their quirks what pisses them off, their goals. Make them believable, understood?

Another great way to make reader connect is use real life. Your environment is the best motivation que. I run into some crazy azz people and hear crazy azz shit everyday. It’s a matter of taking those all about me shades off to see it all. Pull from that energy.
always keep that in mind and joy creating. If you’re not enjoying it like a new relationship then what’s the point?

Peace and luv!


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