Books Are Not One Size Fits All

I constantly read books and I also get the case of the deja vu’s too. What do I mean? I mean I may have read one, two, or three stories and they were duplicates except for the name of the characters. That pisses me off because I’m the type of person that will refuse to read a book more than once. Unless you’re Jesus and wrote a fiction I’m not reading it again. So not only am I pissed off but I’ve now wasted time.

A lot of authors get in that mind frame to spit out the same story over and over. Just a PSA to you – stop it! And you know the genre who is stuck in that deja vu writing? Urban Lit.

Sorry, I luv my people hell I started out writing street lit but damn people I’m gone need you to get it together at some point of your lives. How many times can you tell a drug story? I go thru a hell of a lot more in the hood than just selling drugs, ya feel me?

I’m now challenging writers stuck in that redundant habit to step outside that box and do a total opposite. Trust me you will enjoy it. And it can only improve your writing if you do it. I’m going to call it the ‘books does not fit all sizes’ movement. Are you down?

Peace and luv!


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