Come To Think About It, Writers Do Make The Worst Mamas

I feel so sorry for my kids sometimes. When I get in my writing zone I literally block everything and everyone out. I hear them when they come into my area but I don’t listen to them – so they quietly walk back out the room.

I hear writers say all the time how they wait until the kids go to bed to write. Sheesh! Pleaz! My lil creative brain does not have an on/off switch. Call me a bad mama or whatever you want. I definitely will not lose sleep over it.

Lately tho I’ve been seeing writers get a bad wrap. Writers are antisocial, they can’t maintain relationships, yada, yada, yada. That’s so depressing (well not really. Again I will not lose sleep over the comments either.) I will however defend all writers cause it’s my duty to do so. And damnit, we writers are creative human beings! We need those quiet times to invent those legendary stories. Ok maybe the ideas pop up at the wrong time so what. It’s better than saying at an office all day and night while your significant other is chillin’ at home right? I still play, take them to practices, cook, clean, etc, etc.

Do I feel like a bad mama? Nah, not really I’m just using myself as a joke and neither should you out there. Embrace your creative talent, God gave you that talent. There are people who go thru life not knowing what the hell their purpose in life is. Every occupation has its advantages/disadvantages. Would I trade with the ‘average’ 9-5 worker? Hell no, I’m not average.

Peace and luv!


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