Protect Your Work!

Downloading is the norm. Everybody and anybody does it whether legal or illegally. Writers are not exempt from this either unfortunately. You create an ebook online and boom readers can instantly read your work. It’s actually addicting. However like music there are always ways around downloading books that were not intended to be downloaded for free. All those weeks, months or years you spent perfecting this work goes down the drain and you can’t get compensated for it. Well unless you can afford a lawyer which if you’re writing full time like I am that’s not happening.

The only thing I suggest is call the website out on their illegal activity repeatedly and aggresively until some action is done. It doesn’t seem like much but at least you are making some noise, you know? Check with the BBB and see if they can do something about it.

All I can say is watch your ish. And damn I now know what hip hop artists feel like.

Peace and luv!


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