Quality or Quantity?

My very first blog was thru Blogger on a dare to myself. I had it up for exactly a year and honestly I had only two comments out of that year. I’m not saying that it was Bloggers fault.

One day I woke and asked myself what in the hell I was doing wrong and I came up with these mindblowing (hear the sarcasm?) revelations:

1. I had no goal or legit plan. As I said I created the blog on a dare. All I wanted to do was write that’s it. I would write about everything and nothing. I went in blindsighted; don’t do that if you’re expecting to stand out in the blogging world.

2) I didn’t have a consistent writing schedule. Life happens and I let it happen. I wrote like a Tourette’s patient – very sporadically.

3) I assumed that the world would automatically flock to my blog and I would be the next big thing. Eeeee! Wrong answer!

4) I didn’t take it seriously.

There’s always a question on what’s more important quality or quantity? Because of my past experience with my first blog. I would have to pick quality on this. Yeah you can say ‘my goal is to write 5 posts a day’ but is that a realistic goal? Seriously? You can put that many a day but eventually you will start to produce bullshit posts. Which is what I did before. Even afterI created the new blog I still felt the need to write as many posts as I can. And that was only because I read somewhere that this blogger was doing like 50 posts a day. I felt like I had to do that.

Let me tell you, stop thinking that way. It’s tempting to smash out that high of a number but extinguish those temptations. Focus more on the subject matter and delivery. I go thru mediabistro.com to get alerts sent to me about the writing world. This helps for content so I’m continuously creating posts but it took forever to get to that point. So take your time and map out carefully what your writing goals are.

Peace and luv!


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