Why A Lot of Blogs Annoy The Hell Out Of Me

Everybody and their mama has a blog. It’s convenient, a great way to get a little exposure for the product/service you’re trying to sell and a great way for long distance family to stay connected and to make money…no wait. That is a lie and a half if I’ve ever heard of one. I’m sorry but I don’t believe that someone can get a decent amount of money off just writing on an average blog. I’m a stubborn and very hard to convince person and if there is a person that can show me an actual paycheck that they made from their blog and prove me wrong holla at me.

Until then bloggers stop loading up your sites with those Adsense ads that has not an inch of relevance to your blog. It’s annoying and unattractive and it will guarantee me not coming back to that site. I mean have you heard of white space? Let your blog flow, be more welcoming for first timers like me to feel compelled to come back or comment. If your main goal is to make money create a sellable product. Don’t make your readers feel pressured to buy something but make them feel as if they need that product. It’s just not a good look understand?

Peace and luv!


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