Hatin’ Does Not Look Good On Me!

I am going to admit to something, brace yourselves…I’m a selfish human being. Not proud of it but I am. Maybe because I am my mama’s only child. Hey it sounds good.

With that confession out let me say this, this week I saw someone announce a great stepping stone in their writing career. Now don’t get it twisted I’m happy for this person especially since it’s a sistah. However looking at my own journey I wanna know when will it get to be my turn? I don’t want what she has been blessed with I want my own success my own trail to be blazing ya know?

I should be happy considering that I got recognized for an article I did last week and the visitors tripled within the last few weeks however now I’m like what’s next? What do I do now to build myself up and when I think about it I get frazzled and I then don’t have the motivation to be creative. Now that’s a problem.

Call me selfish and spoiled. Hell I just call it wanting a piece of the pie that I know I deserve.

Peace and luv!


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