Is Your Blog Turning Your Readers Off?

When I signed on with WordPress to create my blog I was a bit overwhelmed and excited because there was so many options to do this or that. I mean I’m still learning new things and I’ve been doing this blog for a minute. Now I’m not a professional at this blogging thing but I’ve seen a hell of a lot of them and feel tthatI have the right and knowledge to tell if a blog will flop or succeed. Want to know how?

Design or layout – either or.

Before you decide what kind of background or layout of your blog ask yourself what will be its purpose. Answer seriously tho, no bs.

Ok so with personal you can pretty much do whatever. Design, layout, what is said, pics, yada, yada, yada. Make sure that it represent who you are as a person. WordPress has enough. Fun, to laid back designs that are ever changing and free. Yes free right up my damn alley.

Now if you are waitto put yourself out there to sell a product/service you might wanna put more thought in your design. If you want a blog strictly about gardening a skull and bone background will turn away potential readers. Incorporate your purpose in the design. Yeah WordPress has designs that will support those ideas for free or you can go a step further and pay a WordPress designer it all depends on your budget.

Before I go I wanna say this. Me personally gets turned off when I see a blog with multiple AdSense ads. Especially ones that has noto do with the blog’s purpose. Having an advertisement on foot fungus when your blog is about books is not hot. Trust me.

If you walk away witj nothing else remember think this thru. What you put out will forever be embedded in the net.

Peace and luv!


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