Bet You They Wished They Had Jumped On The Bandwagon

I read an article over a year ago speaking on the subject of ebooks being a good venture. Traditional publishers waved their lil’ old fashioned prunish fingers in the air nonchalantly dismissing the whole idea of ebooks.

Fast forward to 2011 I wonder how they feel about ‘ebooks’. One publishing house (I will not mention who to save them the embarrassment) still is complaining that ebooks are basically a disgrace to ‘real authors’. They don’t see the point of selling ebooks at the low ass prices that most are sold at. The outrageous numbers should prove that they are a powerful market. Look at the Kindle, Nook, iPads. Everybody and their mama has one and if not they have a phone capable of downloading ebooks. And it is only getting better so why would traditional publishers not jump on the bandwagon?

They may sell a little lesser but that’s because it’s cheaper to produce. That smaller price can produce more sells and more money right? At least that is what my internal calculator is telling me. See they need that hustla’s mentality. One of the qualities of a dynamic boss is having the ability to see trends before they become hot and maneuver it so it is a success. But what do lil ol’ me know about business logistics uh?

But seriously traditional publishers you really need to be on board with this. I don’t see it dying any time soon.

Peace and luv!


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