Already I Want A Drink!

Why do I feel like I am having a deja tv moment? This morning I once again was on a mission to look for work. Let me say this to be a freelance writer you have to be on point. Cause boy I screwed up. I went thru my routine, checked my regular freelancing websites, wrote down the ones I was interested in and started to email them. Emailed one didn’t accept. Went thru my other- go figure. Then I went back to the site to click on the email link (something I should of did from the jump) and I email the wrong one to the wrong job posting. As soon as they open it up I know they are going to screw up their faces and say ‘huh’? I thought about emailing them back but I have no idea what to say so I said forget it and moved on to the next one. But 3 hours on 2 damn emails?! Ugh!

Does anyone have any freelancing horror story or suggestions because I need them.

Peace and luv!  


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