Keep On Keeping On!

Writers are intelligent people if I may so myself. Don’t hate on it I already told you that hatin’ doesn’t looking on anyone!

As I was saying a writers creative switch is always turned on. We are inspired by our surroundings, our situations, our failures-  everything. Constantly we are thinking about writing (at least I do) and improving our skill. But every writer goes thru a phase where they may question whether this is worth it. It’s bigger than writers’ block. With writers’ block you are confused in what the next scene will be. This ‘doubt’ is on another level. Some people succumb to it as soon as pressure get a lil’ too much to bear. As a result they walk away and go back to their ‘normal’ routine 9 to 5 ish.

I get it, hoping and dreaming will not pay the bills. No but hunger and hustle will. Most people go thru life not having a clue as to what their purpose are. I luckily found out before it was too late. Me going back to that nine to five is not gone cut it. It’s not an option. So before you bounce make sure you’re not going to regret it. And if you have to question whether it is than most likely boo-boo it’s not.

With all of the outlets out there you can get yourself on, it just will take a minute trust me, it’s worth it. This year alone has shown me that my hard grind work pays off.

My point is do what you have to do and keep writing. Even if you think it sucks keep that pen in your hand or those pretty little manicured fingers flowing over them keys. And don’t forget to have fun.

Peace and luv!


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