Writers Envy

Do you have writers envy? When you hear someone succeed in something in their writing career do something inside make you cringe; even a little? Come on, keep it real. Nobody? Umphf, well I have so you stay in your little denial cloud while I explain why I jealous.

Let me just say off top, I wasn’t jealous to the point where I hated on the person or said mean ish about them (which is still a form of hatin’). I didn’t go on their Facebook page and said something slick; it wasn’t like that. I’m not that grimy (maybe a little). No I congratulated that person because 98% of me genuinely was happy and I know how being an underground writer on the come up is hard at times and having an ounce of support boosts your morale. I just wished for the same blessing that’s all.

However there are some serious people who would turn into the green eyed bandit when they hear about others succeeding. Their heads start to turn around like the possessed child from the Exorcist, mouths turn up in that ‘bitch I hate you’ scowl, y’all know what I’m talking about. They are the ones that take it to the next level of hatin’ and get gutta with it!

To you who do that, allow me to give you a bit of advice. Why don’t you instead of spending all of that time on hatin’ use it to uplift someone who is on they grind. Use it to fuel your own damn self and get off your lazy ass to get that book you have been writing or thinking about writing. I mean you never know, that person who you are hatin on may be that key to getting you on.

Everybody has insecurities, doubts, flaws, jealousies in their DNA. It is what you do with it that is the key. Grind, hustle, use that hunger to get to the next level. Cause baby, hatin’ after it’s all said and done really does not look good on you!

Peace and luv! 


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