Live Interviews With Authors…Well Sort Of

Simon Schuster publishers has just announced a new feature for their literary fans. Readers are able to submit questions they would like the authors at Simon and Schuster to answer giving them the opportunity to be more intimate with their favorite author. Because contrary to ‘other’ people’s belief us writers are not some ghost or entity and that we are sociable people. We don’t always live inside our minds.

There is always a catch you know. The questions will be submitted to the writers and they then will record their answers on video. So your not exactly going one on one with the writers themselves. My question is will they answer all questions or pick and choose?

This is a decent idea however I got one little problem with it. I don’t believe it is personable. Their objective was to do it but it isn’t. I think they should set a certain time for authors to Skype in with their fans. It wouldn’t hurt. It can only enhance sales for that author. But I guess it’s a start- a trendy start that has the potential to make all traditional publishers hop on board.

Peace and luv!


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