Stop Telling Black Students They Can’t Be Writers

Ok the title may be a little too blunt but I needed to catch your attention right? I also have not been personally told this nor do I know any child that has been told not to think about being a writer, I wanted to get that out of the way. My purpose for this is because I know that teachers are not speaking on black authors in class like they are with white authors. And if they are it’s during Black History Month. Black writers, especially during the Black Renaissance have the capabilities to produce great literary work. As a matter of fact I think the black writers of that time were more creative. They had the ability to let their raw emotions bleed thru the pages. Beautiful work.

I just wish elementary thru high school students are taught about these literary geniuses as much as white authors. If no one tells them that being a writer is attainable they will mist out on those years supposed to be spent nurturing their craft. I’m just sayin’.

Peace & Luv!


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