Why A Writer Needs A Blog

I’ve said this before and I will say it again – everybody has a blog. As a writer it’s a necessity to have one. I know what you’re thinking, if I set up a blog how am I going to prevent myself from blending in with everyone else’s blogs? I can’t give you a specific blueprint to having a successful blog, there are none anyway (results will vary). I will however tell you the reason you should have a blog if you’re a writer. Maybe then you can get out of hiding and become a blogger like everybody else. It’s actually fun once you get in a grove.

Let me start with the benefits of a blog when choosing to be a freelance writer. Starting out as a freelancer most likely you will not have ‘clips’ (articles that has been published). Having a blog allows you to show your writing skills. Clients can easily click on your link to view your work to determine if you will fit into what they are looking for.

On a personal level, having a blog gives your visitors a chance to buy your books. If you don’t wanna go the traditional route of publishing you can sell your work from your blog. There are websites that can turn your work into an e-version for free. I go thru Scribd.com and they give me options of sharing my work on my WordPress blog, Facebook page and Twitter account with a click of a button. They do take a small percentage for selling on their site but it’s much better than sharing your profits with an agent. (I am not saying don’t go the traditional route if offered a deal)

Now if you do have a lil something saved you can always sell your work thru Amazon or right on your site. Do your homework to make sure you are getting the right package and will be represented right. It’s a streinous journey to get your work out there but start with a blog then market your ass off to get noticed. Hopefully you are switching to a site now to create that blog.

Peace and luv! 


3 thoughts on “Why A Writer Needs A Blog

  1. batyler says:

    I think you need to take a quick look at your third paragraph. 😉

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