Why Writers Should Have A Blog (Part 2)

I came across a blog post on aboutfreelancewriting.com this morning. It was an article on why writers should have a blog. Considering I recently wrote about this a week ago I decided to read it to see if I’ve missed anything. I did, so I created another post to extend why it is a good idea to have a blog if you are a writer.

This should of been one of my first reasons. Having a blog creates discipline in the writer. I can’t imagine going thru a day without writing something. I did that way before I created a blog. I enjoy writing; something about putting pen to paper makes it therapeutic for me. However there are some writers who can’t seem to push themselves to write everyday. (Personally I think you can’t call yourself a writer if you choose not to write everyday.) Not only does this keep you in a creative mode but it helps improve your writing skills. It’s a win, win.

Another thing, having a blog helps you with deadlines. Well maybe. Depends on how disciplined you are. If you’ve set up a writing schedule and stick to it then you know you will do great with deadlines when working as a freelance writer.

Blogging on a niche topic makes you an expert. You have a blog on blogging then apparently you’ve done research on the topic giving you the right to be called an expert in the art of blogging. Plus it sounds good when you say ‘I’m an expert blogger’.

No longer do traditional publishers wait behind some huge wooden desk for a writer to come to them. Now they are taking the initiative to find the next big writer. Where do they go? Facebook, Twitter, and duh blogs! So make sure you are always updating your blog. And don’t get too discouraged if you don’t have hundreds of visitors upfront continue to write as if you do and eventually they will come.

I know I mentioned this on the first post I wrote about Why Writers Should Have A Blog but imagine all of the connects you will have once you start blogging and giving great content and advice. For instance in my situation continuous visitors mean more people who will buy my books. See how that works? But most importantly you will gain friendships.

I hope these suggestions help. Did I miss anything? Go ahead and let me know. Why do you have a blog?

Peace and luv!


5 thoughts on “Why Writers Should Have A Blog (Part 2)

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  2. […] Why Writers Should Have A Blog (Part 2) (diamondpublicationz.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Anonymous says:

    […] Why Writers Should Have A Blog (Part 2) (diamondpublicationz.wordpress.com) […]

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