Guest Blogger Contest

I do not know how many times I have asked where are all of the sites that cater to bloggers on my blog. Give me a nickel and I would most likely be rich for each mention. Wow, am I in the wrong business then? Nah, I love being a writer. Keeps my mind alive and running.

Speaking of writing and blogging I have recently come across this website/community made for bloggers like myself. It is called Heard of them? I know, I know, I said the same thing when I went on the site! This is a great place for bloggers such as myself who are beginning and wants to connect with other bloggers who have similar interests or even different ones. What is great about this site is you don’t have to run around or click around blogs all day trying to connect with people. It is all in one spot. If you are a blogger I suggest you get an account with BlogEngage. Another great reason to check this site out is because they have contests!

BlogEngage is hosting a Guest Blogger contest. It ends at the end of this month so I suggest you get your pens moving cause that is a week away.

In order to qualify for this contest of course you need to set up an account. Then you must post on your own personal blog about the contest, like I’m doing. Email them with the link to the post. They have a list of sponsors that has to be on that post as well. Let us pause for the sponsors:

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. After you’ve created a post with links to the sponsors you can write the post you want to submit for the contest. The topics you must choose from are:

-making money online

-blogging tips



-social networking




It must be at least 400 words but not to exceed over 1000 with as many links as you want.

I’ve decided to write mine on blogging tips. When I post it I would really like your support in the form of votes and who knows you might learn something! Good luck!

Peace and luv!


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