Know What You Spit

I’ve spoken on this subject before but I felt the need to repeat it. Mainly because I am rewriting my psychological thriller Without Consent and I’ve noticed some areas that I could improve on in the plot, characters and intensity. I’ve learned a lot in the 2 years since writting it and I will not bore you with all of those lessons instead I will enlighten you on one that should be a given for writers but a lot of them who are published have forgotten – know what you spit!

Here’s a Lil’ synopsis of the book I’m writing:

Hundreds of women are sexually harassed a year. Nia Long never expected to be one of those statistics until a business trip to Paris changed all of that. Just like so many of the women suffering thru this, Nia thinks it is all her fault and travels back home keeping the whole thing a secret not expecting the weight of it to get heavier and heavier until a deep depression sets in. No longer could Nia use the excuse of her father’s heartattack as to why she has been angry, agitated and distant especially after discovering that she is pregnant!

Not able to abort the baby all Nia wants is an opportunity to face her abuser.

Several years later perfect stranger comes into her life. His familiar demeanor pulls at her intuition until a picture brings it all back. Her opportunity just knocked.

Ok you’re probably wondering why in the hell I went into a synopsis about my story. One because it’s my blog and two I wanted to make a point about researching whatever topic you write about, whether it’s a fiction or non-fiction. You want your reader to believe the story, relate to the character even if they never have been thru it. I don’t know how many times I have lost myself in a book because the writer did some kick ass research on the topic adding that much more realness. On the flip side, I cannot tell you how many stories I’ve read and got so frustrated with the lack of creativity and literary skills. Basically the shit is garbage and they are walking around living it up off their book deals when we both know they caught the editor on a good day.

And shame on the publishers for putting these lame untalented writers out there. Stop accepting writers just to say you have writers under your belt!

Anywho my point to this post is know what your writing is about. Don’t assume you can skirt through a project and get away with it.

Doesn’t all truth come to the light eventually?

Has there ever been a topic you’ve been wanting to write about? Tell me.

Peace and luv!


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