Jacqueline Howlett Going H.A.M.

This story was so hilarious it needed its own post on my blog. I scanned over this story the other day but did not read the whole thing until today and I laughed my ass off.

So apparently a blogger wrote a review on an Indie writer by the name Jacqueline Howlett. The review started out giving a summary of the story then he commented on the mistakes that she had made. It was not a rude or sarcastic review but the author of the book seemed to think differently.

This heifa insisted the blogger had no idea what he was talking about. She said that he read the wrong version; the unedited version (how he end up with it is beyond my reasoning). Then she proceeded to go hard on his own blog!

See this is why some writers need to really decide before coming out with a project if they are really ready to handle what comes with it. Creating something and bringing it to light is the easy part, branding, marketing and publicizing yourself is the hard part. If you’re an emotional person and wears your heart on your sleeve then I advise you not to do writing.

Putting your stuff out there requires you to be criticized as well as praised. Just like when people become celebrities they are subject to be talked about so my advice to Jacqueline is to get over it and take an anger management class. Hell sit next to Chris Brown y’all both need it!

Peace and luv!


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