I’m not so sure about this Webster Dictionary adding acronyms and passing them as actual words situation. OMG, Lol? Really?

Now I do say those when I’m texting or posting a Tweet but that’s because I have limited characters to use. However to make it apart of the english language? Nah, they could of come better than this.

This isn’t english or a word. Bill Cosby said last year that kids are not participating in reading but to texting to the point where their physical conversations are LOL or OMG as if saying the actual words is too much work.

It reminds me of when schools thought it would be necessary to make an Ebonics class in order to understand black kids. Yeah I went there cause that whole situation was a hot mess of something! Did they honestly think that black people were supposed to be on board with that? Chil’ puh-leeze!

And as far as this OMG ish I’m gone need you to get it together. We donMt need you to contribute to the already ignorant sounding illiterate phase this generation is picking up on #noco-signinghere!

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. SandySays1 says:

    I really feel discriminated against! The Webster folks completely ignored any Doganese words or phrases. Not a single “Rufff” or “Grrrr.” I’m sure in this mod, PC world they’ll rectify their error in the next edition. I’m recommending they add “Grrr-gafluba-gablubber-gablubber.” That’s Doganese for “bite him on the butt.”

    • You know I think that they should put ‘grrr’ in the next edition. I say that all the time to prevent myself from cursing. But I don’t know I just think they should have let those ‘words’ remain as a slang phase than charactize them as real words. Thanks for the comment!

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