Is There A Difference Between A Writer And An Author?

You’ve heard the saying – anyone can be a dad/mom but it takes a real person to be a father/mother. Can this apply to writers and authors?

I didn’t think about this until I was looking over the 40 Influential Black Female Authors. Most of them I’m familiar with however there is one that made me take a second look at the list. Karrine Steffans. Who she have to have sex with to get on that list? To me that is an insult. Who in the world has she influenced other than up and coming video hoes who are trying to come up on the come up? She’s not a writer. Do I sound bitter? Yeah a little #inmybestMarshaAmbrosiavoice.

It is hard enough for me to get on as a writer but to have some little girl come onto the scene and stamp the title ‘author’ on her list of talents is ridiculous and almost comical-almost.

So what’s the difference between a writer and an author? This is my own personal opinion. I don’t want hate emails or comments now. Ok maybe I do, hell it’s publicity.

Anywho I think the difference is that writers to me are beginners in the game. They are just getting their feet wet; they might have a couple of their works out and a handful of people know who they are (like me).

But an author, that’s a person who is their own brand. They’ve created a sick fanbase. They make writing seem easy like breathing. Delicious, descriptive words, emotions that bleed thru the pages as well as characters that are in their own right sizzling, passionate, controversial and powerful. They pull their readers in. That to me is an author, they are aware of what they produce.

Authors are a super prestigious elite club that only a few can be a member which I’m hoping I will be apart of one day. Until then I will be content with being called a writer.

Peace and luv!


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