Power Of Networking

As a writer I can say that 95% of my time is spent networking and branding myself with that last 5% used for writing. That is one thing I would advise beginning writers to understand if not anything else. Now and days if you’re not doing that then you minds well forget about being noticed. Too many bloggers out there will be willing and able to get exposure.

For my May issue I’ve decided to do an article on black bloggers and the impact they are having on the social media movement. I think that it is needed to put this out there. As a black blogger myself I can say that it is hard to find other black bloggers with similar interests even if that interest is just blogging. It is something about camaraderie I guess.

My point to this is that I came across a site (a blog actually) called TheRoots and they listed the 30 best black blogs according to the editors and writers of the site. And it got me thinking as I scroll down the list how powerful networking is (well if you know how to use it that is). Here are some tips I’m learning in this networking journey:

Don’t know where to start, use Google! That is what it is for anyway. I will use me for an example. Since I am a writer I obviously would want to be more specific, I can search for a particular genre of writers (I.e. mystery, crime, chick lit, or sci-fi). If looking for bloggers maybe you should Google ‘mystery bloggers’. Once you do that you can go thru the list of blogs and investigate the ones you want to network with.

Sign up only if you are willing to continue the networking relationship. You will come across millions of blogs and websites they can become overwhelming if you are not sure with what you want. Finding a few will do the trick. You visiting more than you can handle will set you up for boring commentaries. Then you will waste yours and the blogger’s time.

Be consistent! Figure out a time when you will spend to networking. Not setting a day or time will cause you to eventually forget or make excuses as to why you shouldn’t do it that day.

Offer your services. Maybe not right off the bat but eventually after establishing a friendship you can offer your services, do a swop. Don’t be afraid to ask either. As long as you’re not being obnoxious or unprofessional most likely they will not mind; it will only enhance their networking and branding circle. A win-win for everyone!

Always look for opportunities. Never think something will be too insignificent, you never know. Maybe you’re networking with someone new, they may not have many followers but it only takes one person to put you on. You never know who they know or the talent themselves may possess.

Using all of the networking sites, putting the time and having the motivation to get out there will harbor results. It may not start right away but it will happen.

Peace and luv!


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