Oops I got a little carried away and put just a few things that are not true. Twentyfeet is not affiliated with Twitter and also it does give you some negative feedback. That’s good though because at least you will know what areas you need to push more networking with.
Sorry for the wrong info but I’m geeked that someone from the company read it and corrected me!

I am always looking for ways to better my little empire I am trying to create. Organization is on top of my list. I feel like most of my time is spent trying to network, etc. I need something to keep up with who is following me and why. Well I think I might have found something that could do that.

It’s called it is affiliated with Twitter. Oh and it’s free by the way (yeah I knew you would like that). The gist of it is that it watches your social media networks you have an account with and each week you get a read out of your increases. It will not give you negative feedback so think of it as your own personal hypeman. I’m not down for every social media scheme but this one I will co-sign!

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “Twentyfeet

  1. Thanks for this post.

    Please note, that we are not affiliated with the Twitter Company. We just use their API and offer in depth analytics for your twitter accounts and for other services. Additionally you do get also bad movements.

    But publicly we only post positive things in the performance post. That’s right. See here for more:

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