When To Post On Facebook

Another Lil’ tip that will help you brand yourself (I know I’m on a role with these kinds of posts); it’s genius actually and makes hella sense.

The powers that be have taken the initiative to track the best time when people go on their Facebook page. Now I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before but the majority of people go on before and after work. Also on Thursdays and Fridays the engaging rates are high. Probably trying to find out what is going on for the weekend.

So if you have something interesting to post (giving explicit details on how you are shitting? Not an interesting post regardless on how you put it). I would suggest you post during one of those allotted times to increase your chances of being on the newsfeed of your friends as well as their friends. Go ahead and try it to see what happens. I will take my thank yous later.

Have any, of you readers, networkers, etc have any tricks to increasing traffic on your Facebook or any other social media network? Let’s chop it up below!

Peace and luv!

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