My Experience With

If you’re a fan of mines you know that since 2010 my short stories have been published at I learned about this spot thru the creator of and I’ve been pretty satisfied.

I’m talking about this because combing thru the ebook world I’m noticing people are still wondering what their options are when it comes to publishing novels in e-format. Now I’m not saying you need to go with but I do want to tell you my experience with them.

As i’ve said I have been with this site for a minute and have been happy with them. It’s easy as hell if I can do it then anyone can (cheesy but so damn true). I just load my Word document, place it in a category, put a good description on it and voila, it’s published.

You can have it public or private for certain people and you can sell it if you want. Of course Scribd gets a cut but I do think that it’s a hell of a lot better than those print on demand publishing houses if you are balling on a budget (like muaw).

Some things to consider though cause you know it’s always something. Marketing. You will have to do it all yourself. Although if you’re a writer new to the game traditional publishers do not want to mess with you unless you have a solid platform (followers, fans, etc) so either way you go you’re going to have to market your own self.

Another thing is, unless you’ve hired a designer and editor you have to do the cover design and editing yourself. If you have that kind of money to do that then you wouldn’t be publishing thru a place like Scribd.

Now I heard thru a past customer of Scribd that the site charges readers to download books but none of my fans have told me they were being charged. But do your homework before settling on a site. Know what you want and go with that.

Peace and Luv!


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