1st Page to Without Consent

Before I let you read a tidbit of Without Consent I just wanna say that I’ve switched this up so many times before I settled with this little bit. But here it goes and hopefully it is interesting and will peak your curiosity. Something not right, go ahead and put a comment below or if you feelin’ it let me know too.

Chapter 1

God was furious beyond words. Tennis ball size rain drops pelted down and everything in its path was power-washed. Nothing was visible within inches of anyone’s face. That did not stop Jamaya. As soon as her tender bare feet touched the cathedral steps Jamaya was off. She had no idea where she was or where she was headed but she knew it was not here. Not in His house.

Lightning sliced open the sky. Weighted clouds continued to pour. Jamaya’s half ripped clothes instantly became drenched. The heaviness nearly pulled her down but her little feet carried her on. She was too afraid to look back; petrified that the devil would be there.

The buildings around her became one big blur. The wind whistled in her ears. It sounded like the boogeyman that visited her dreams at night. Tears ran down her chubby cheeks and blended with the rain. She gulped in as much air her lungs could take despite their loud protests. Her knees were about to buckle yet Jamaya proceeded on with a vengeance. She could feel them coming; their breathes heated her neck. She cried harder. Her whimpers grew louder as she knew they were about to pounce.

Like it, you know what to do.

Peace and luv!


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