Delay Of Game

Delay of game

Everybody has their off day. Michael Jordan, Kobe and the Lakers (still crying about the game last night. Mavericks? Really?), me. Yeah I put my name in the mix of greatness because that’s how I view myself so deal with it. I say this because if you haven’t noticed, the May issue of Diamond XL is nowhere to be found. Don’t start hyperventilating, I have a good reason (sort of, ok well not really). There is no excuse if you wanna make moves but let me tell you what my unfocused butt had convinced myself.

I started the month of April great. I was pulling article after article out of my brilliant head but as the deadline was approaching I started to get sick with the procrastination bug something serious. Next thing I know May 1st had came and gone and there was nothing. So instead of pulling ridiculous unintelligent bullshit out of my ass and pass it off as a work of art I’ve decided to not put another issue out until I go back to my original plan for Diamond XL.

I will not promise you one in June and I say that not for the fact that I’m lazy or backing down. No, I’m going to bring it out when I feel that it is A+ not a whack ass D. I apologize for the delay of game but I promise you when Diamond XL come back out, it will be worth the wait.

Peace and luv!

*sideeye* Until it does come out, check out the past issues!


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