Freestylin’ Your Hustle

ol' skool

i love seeing rappers freestyle. It shows who has true talent and who will fail miserably in the game. Can’t rhyme on the spot, you’re not getting my respect.

There are some areas in life where freestylin is not a good idea. And I am quickly learning that. I started Diamond XL with a general plan instead of a specific goal and steps to accomplish that goal. Now 5 months later I am momentarily stopping it because that passion I had at the beginning has now turned into a chore that I have to do.

I needed money and exposure so I decided to go at this freelancing full-time with blinders on. I didn’t create a schedule before hand. Now I’m spending more time working on freelancing more than I’m working on my own projects.

Sitting here writing this post I’ve realize that I’m emotionally spent. I’m literally running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I’ve lost the reason why I do what I do. As a writer i ate, slept, and breathed writing now that has simmered down a lil. What the hell did I do wrong?

I went into this freestylin it which anyone, no matter what career, should not do. The lion will eventually catch up with you. At least it caught up with me early. Now I can go back to the basics and figure some shit out and come back harder. I ask you as my devoted fans to bear with me a minute; it will be worth the wait.

Peace and luv!


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