Expanding Your Vocab Without Sounding Fake

I hate reading a book that is filled with too many sophisticated words. Now that doesn’t dumb down my intelligence, I’m very smart however some books really are doing too much with their words. Me having to pull out a dictionary to interpret a novel I’m reading at the moment and using to relax is not a good thing. I do not have the patience or energy to do it and I know I’m not the only one who feel this way.

It’s cool to want to expand your writing vocab but there’s a way to do it. Sprinkle in some words. Don’t cram it all in at once, especially if you are a seasoned writer and have a strong fan base already used to one language style. That would definitely be a turn off.

Know what in the hell the word actually means. Checking in a dictionary to find out the definition will not be enuf. Check to see how others use the word in a sentence and then get a second, third and forth opinion before using it. And let me tell it like it is for a minute, I do not look to Wikipedia for a reliable definition. Anybody and everybody can change the info on that site.

Is there a time where using overly technical words is acceptable? Yeah. If that’s what your character is like than ‘insert hyper unpronounceable words here’ away at your heart’s content. Other than that, do the suggestions from above and you should be good.

Peace and Luv!


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