iPads for kindergarteners ?

As if kidz were not already lazy, schools wanna give 5 year olds iPads to use in and out of school? We don’t have enough money to keep teachers but we have enough to supply kindergartener with iPads? And not just any teachers, for some reason they always get rid of the ones that seem to have the most impact in the community and keep the ones wanting a paycheck. So many questions I have for the ‘genius’ who ass*umed this would be a great idea:

1. How are they going to learn how to write? Not with their little fingers touching a screen but a real pencil to paper kind of writing? Duh, they will have to eventually write a check or fill out an application for a j-o-b!

2. Will the iPads replace all of the textbooks? Do not say it’s cheaper to do this! It’s not and I will get into why in a minute.

3. Doesn’t video games contribute to the obesity issue in children? Hmmmm…..

4. Doesn’t too much time in front of any kind of computer strains the eyes?

And I don’t know about your kidz but at five my two were a hot mess! Not because they had no home training but because that is what 5 year olds do – act a fool. And that’s ok. But giving a 5-year-old an expensive electronic iPad is setting the parents up with one more thing they have to pay for when school season comes along. I can see those spaghetti-o covered hands running thru the house banging, spitting on, and attempting to use them as frisbees.

Please someone give me one good reason why 5 year olds really need (don’t mistake a ‘want’ for a ‘need’) these iPads in school. Lets conversate about this one!

Peace and luv!


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