Busy Ass Summer!

I hope everybody is geeked up for the summer cause I am and not just because we’ve had a sucky winter and spring but mainly because of the projects I have given myself to complete. If I post it and let it be known I have no choice but to do it. I hate not completing something I said I would do, it makes me look like a failure, which I am far from. Here are the 3 projects I will complete for sure (I will always be putting work out, don’t forget that!):

Without Consent (psychological thriller): I did this  a few years ago but now I’ve graduated with some new techniques, scenes, issues and sadistic characters that will leave a print on my readers’ minds.

Stripped! (non-fiction): This last year has been an eye opener for me. Not just in my own personal life but what I see going on in my own hood and everywhere else. I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed, no I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’m all the way disappointed in my sistahs. All of the opportunities out there for us to succeed and handle our business but yet we are even more now than ever fallin’ short on stuff. So I felt compelled to say a few things. If you can’t handle the truth, still read it anyway! Just suck your teeth later.

Re-birth of Diamond XL: I’m proud of starting Diamond XL but I forgot why I created it and my goals for it was. I know I wanted to be doing interviews with some powerhouses, I expected more people to be on it and they are not, so I need to go back to the drawing board with this one. Prepare it better.

God willing all of these will be out by the end of the summer. And some other things mixed in with it. Just keep your eyez on me all summer ok?

Peace and luv!


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