If It’s Hard To Leave A Comment Guess What? I Won’t Leave One!

I’ve come across many blogs that has great content filled articles that drives me to wanna contribute my two-cents. I happily scroll down to post my comment then boom I can’t post it (which I realize after I took minutes to write it out). At least not before I sign my damn life away! Suddenly I’m typing letters/numbers that appear in distorted rectangles, clicking tiny boxes to prove I’m not a spammer or creating an account among other things.

Really Bloggers?

I mean I get it, you don’t wanna get overloaded with fake, non-related spammer comments but why in the hell do we (real bloggers or readers) have to suffer for their abrasive way of getting people to buy their product? Everybody has to hustle to eat why knock what they are doing? And how hard is it to just hit the ‘delete permanently’ button?

Does it really hurt you?

Do you really feel some type of way when spammers hit up your comment boxes? Here’s what I think you should do, come closer now this will be good – delete all of that crap! We are not applying for a job with the C.I.A. so give it a break!

I’m for sure I am not the only one with this feeling. Or are you the annoying blogger who does all of those unnecessary steps in order to weed out who’s real and who’s fake? Please explain to me why you do such crazy foolishness.

Peace and luv!


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