Same Ol’, Same Ol’

I read an interesting article this morning and instead of getting offended I laughed. Wait…let me rewind it back because I see those question marks over your heads.

Go ahead and Google ‘how to be a successful blogger’ and see what pops up. Thousands of hits right? Too many to count. Now read them all. Yeah I said it, read it and tell me what they have in common. Here let me save you the unwanted time-  pretty much 99% of all the articles giving tips on how to create a successful blog sayz the same thing. Same tone, same boring advice, etc, etc. I’ve fallen in this category plenty of times thinking that I was telling people something when all I was doing was wasting their time.

The post Talking Blog Content- Boring spoke on the basics of what to do to maintain a blog ie think about what you will write about, have a writing calender, you get the idea. It got me to thinking about what really does all that mean? I write on a regular, I network, I put my posts on my social networking sites, I stick to what my blog was intended for- writing and I like to think I write quality ish. So what’s with the lack of love on my blog?

I can’t answer that right now because that’s not the point of this post. My point is there really isn’t a magic blueprint to a successful blog. There are the basics of course: 1 consistency, 2 quality, 3 goal and 4 purpose. It’s up to the blogger to really come with original and full of personality content and style in order to have that ‘it’ factor. It will take a minute to get it but that’s ok; hustle your ass off, find stuff you like to speak on and keep writing!

Oh and read that article

Peace and luv!


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