On to The Next One: When to Quit That Freelancing Gig!

You’re excited beyond belief because week after week you’ve hustled hard to try and get a writing gig and finally someone gave you that opportunity! If you have sense you have signed a contract and now you’re grabbing every assignment thrown your way just to gain experience and especially money. Several months later you’re still working your ass off for damn near nothing; still struggling to pay the bills and have completely abandoned your own personal goals.

Writers, especially beginners, make the mistake of getting comfortable. Just because you have a lil gig doesn’t mean you’re done. Unless you are content with getting paid below minimal wage always keep your eyes open for bigger and better opportunities. That same schedule you had before the gig needs to be kept after getting the gig. Never lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish!

How do you know when to do a Keyshia Cole and ‘let it go’?

If you are literally hating the assignments they give you-  it’s time to go. Now I’m not saying quit this instant because you may be contractually obligated to stay. Stay until all is finished and leave on a good note because you may need them for a professional reference later.

If your bill stack is higher than your money stack you need to re-evaluate some thangs. You can only do so much persuading yourself that you’re fine and things will get better. Ha! Quit playin’ yourself. God only help those that helps themselves. Even if you have to get an odd job until things pop off so be it just always be aware and know what your next move will be.

I hit on this in the beginning but if you do not have the time to do your own goals (movie, novels, etc) than you already know what I’m about to say. Don’t let your projects fall by the wayside. You will get to the point where you will start to despise what originally started that flame deep inside if you.

These are only a few ques to tell you it’s time to bounce onto better things. I know it’s hard juggling all the things in your life but what is worth obtaining is worth working your ass off for!

Peace and luv!


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