Summer Reading Programs

Summer is here! Now what in the hell are you going to do with your crumbsnatchers until August? I know something your school age child can get into and better their reading at the same time.

Yep, every summer from as far back as I can remember the libraries in Fort Wayne has held reading programs. Did you know that most kids lose a lot of what they learned in school the previous year, especially kids in low-income neighborhoods? As if they didn’t have enough to overcome already!

That is why this reading program is so important and it’s fun for the kids. Go to your local library to sign your kidz up and get all of the information but let me give you some info.

First of all it’s free! And just for signing the little ones up they will get a voucher to attend a TinCaps baseball game for free! The program started on June 6th and will end July 29th. Any child from birth to 5th grade can participate. They read for a certain amount of time each day and will receive a prize with each level completed.

1st level:  an Egg Shaker or a Throw-yo toy
2nd level:  Tote bag
3rd level:  a book

Teens can get involved too but they sign up in the Young Adults department. It’s not uncool to read at any age (texting doesn’t count!). Their prizes are:

1st level:  Backpack and TinCap voucher
2nd level:  a book
3rd level:  choice of book or a ticket for a chance to win an iPad2!

Peace and luv!


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