Women Make Better Writers!

I know I will get some knives thrown at me for what I am about to speak on (well maybe not knives). But what’s a lil controversy every once in awhile? Ok here it goes:

Women make better writers!

I will not bore you with crazy statistics even though all of the blogs and websites I read on this subject had at least one person asking what info they have to back up their theory. I don’t have stats or anything but I do have my opinion and if you have a problem with opinions please exit stage left!

Ok back to the matter at hand-  women being better writers. This my theory on why this is true. When a story is birthed immediately the writer start to jot down ideas for what will work, what type of characters will fit into the storyline, etc. With the exception of myself women are better equipped mentally to organize their notes, characters, plot, etc even before a page is written. Sorry fellas.

Men when approaching a novel uses the Nick slogan ‘Just Do It’. Everything is ‘all in their head’ and there is no point in writing notes. And they wonder why they are always getting lost.

Who better than a woman to relate to their characters? I think men call it being ’emotional’. In this particular situation it’s good to be emotional when writing fiction. ‘I’m a man! We don’t do that emotional crap!’ Men look at life differently. It’s more black and white with men; no logic or reason to solutions like a woman. Women can look at all options, all scenerios, and perspectives. And I don’t just mean chick lit either, all genres.

To add to the second reason women pay more attention to details. They are more intuned to their surroundings. Women are more descriptive in their words making the story come alive. They go deeper into a story and can show a hell of a lot better than telling.

Who back in the day kept a journal? Women were more likely to keep a journal (or diary). This gave women the ability to perfect our craft way before men. Although thanks to Oprah men feel that it’s cool to write in a journal everyday. I guess there is hope for fellas after all.

All jokes aside I am not saying men can’t write they can, I just feel women writers has the flame that lights a story up. Men can’t spread their literary wings like a woman can.

Now that I got my two cents out in the open I wanna hear from the men about what they think. Does any of my theories have merit or am I coo-coo for cocoa puffs? I would love to start a convo on this. So comment away!

Peace and luv!


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