Are You a Google Affiliate Yet?

Are there legit ways to make money off your blog? Yes, duh! But the real question is – how? I do not believe there is a specific blueprint that everybody can follow then automatically have success; although there are a plethora of blogs and websites that swear up and down that they have the best solution for making loads of money. I’ve learned enough by now to laugh and keep it moving when I see those cliche articles.

I might sound like i’m contradicting my previous theory but there are ways that you can make a little money and here is one. Google has created an affliate program. Bloggers, writers, and publishers can now have links on your blog/website that will lead your readers straight to the Google ebookstore so they can buy ebooks. Unlike AdSense that place ads on your blog that has nothing to do with your blog, brand or website this program is relateable to what you are trying to accomplish. Finally they got it right! And the best part is that you get a cut from each sale!

If you have a decent following on your blog/website then this will be something you could look into if you want to expand on what your blog can bring in for you.

Have you put it on your blog yet? I wanna know how you like it so far? Was it an easy process to sign up? Very excited to hear what people have to say about this.

Peace and luv!


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