Finally! Black Bloggers Get to Connect!

You love blogging? How about Facebook? I have something for you. I sound like a 3 o’clock infomercial don’t I?

Over the weekend I was flipping thru my tweets and came across a tweet advertising the site designed specifically for black bloggers. It’s called Since becoming a blogger I’ve co-signed many apps, websites, etc and realized it may not be such a good idea to climb aboard every ‘new’ innovation. I started to feel like that person door-to-door salesmen love because I’m easily persuaded into buying stuff.

I do reviews on everything pertaining to writing so for me I figure I have to try whatever I’m reviewing out first right? Let’s be real there is not enough time in my day to try everything and see what works and what does not! I already have trouble balancing mamahood, writing novels, maintaining a blog and freelance writing as it is.

However I want to say I am very excited about this one. I’m so excited that I might stop hopping on Facebook….whoa wait, one step at a time! But this is genius.

A blogger wants to be apart of a community. Black bloggers especially want to have a place to go to and chop it up with likeminded people. has the same format as Facebook with a few tweeks. Instead of only getting newsfeed from your friends allows you to see all of the member’s blog posts and status updates. I love this because lazy people like myself don’t have to spend unnecessary time typing in the search box for similar people.

Did I tell you it is made just for black bloggers? Ok, good.

No matter what you believe black bloggers are still not as socially powerful as other races but we’re getting there. And this site will give us the push needed. Go and get an account with them, start networking then come back to my blog and let’s start a conversation!

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “Finally! Black Bloggers Get to Connect!

  1. Jessica Ann says:

    Thanks for writing about Black Bloggers Connect. We strive to be a resource of information and networking for bloggers of African descent all over the world. We sincerely appreciate your support and we are proud to have you as a member.

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